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Welcome to the Leather Design and Craft website- listed for search as leatherdesign&craft – below are images of my handmade leather work, click on them for more details and examples. Items availability varies, some only available on line, some from Craft Fairs, some both, others are custom order only. Please do get in touch with any relevant queries.
Please click on Etsy button to order on-line; they have the tools to accept orders (and payments) securely,
pay local taxes, provide shiping profiles and dedicated Customer support.  I can't provide that level of
service; going through Etsy means you can order with confidence and I can concentrate on making stuff.....

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Bookmarks view.jpg
Dragon bookmarks view.jpg
Drawstring pouches view.jpg
Secaters holster view.jpg
Harp key view.jpg
Browband view.jpg
Dice pot view.jpg
Bottle holder view.jpg
Pencil cases view.jpg
Inhaler case view.jpg
Belt loop clip view.jpg
Hair slide view.jpg
knot leather bracelet view.jpg
Galifreycoaster view.jpg
Coin tray view.jpg
Pick case view.jpg
Keepsafe box view.jpg
Belt bag view.jpg
Bell muffle view.jpg
Medal hanger view.jpg
Ministry view.jpg
belt rail view.jpg
Bags view.jpg
Scratch off case view.jpg
bookmark fox hug.jpg
Dice pots personalised Whiskey River #2.JPG
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