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Hand made solid leather browband with a simple, flat knot in the center and thong strapping to secure the knot and side loops

Bridle browband for horse or pony


Genuine full grain leather browband, two hand cut strips (approximately 6mm x 5mm) made into a flat knot, anchored with leather bindings to either side of the knot and the same detail fastening the 1" +(25mm) loops at either end for the headpiece.  
As a working piece of harness these need to be a suitable hide, unless otherwise stated these will be made from fully waxed and oiled leather that can be cleaned and treated in the same way as the rest of your bridle.  Available in either black or dark brown.  The binding will be black.
Sizes measured inside longest part of end loops: Small 13" (330mm), Pony 14" (355mm), Cob 15" (381mm), Horse 16" (407mm), Large 17" (432mm)
Custom sizes available to order- please contact me to arrange.
*Note* Band will be folded/ coiled to fit into a Large Letter for posting.  Any crease/fold will drop out when unpacked.

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