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Domed leather bell muffle in natural, vegetable tanned leather, 5 fixing positions for ties.  Shown with optional overlay

Bell muffle, traditional tower bell clapper muffle

PriceFrom £24.00

Moulded (3.2mm min.) full grain vegetable tanned leather with generous fixings for cable ties, easily adapted by user for straps or hook and loop.  Single thickness foundation with overlay, sold riveted together or individually, either will work.  To single or double muffle clapper balls from 100 - 125mm and larger.  Please note: Overlay will work on its own to muffle
Overlay or foundation can be changed depending on nature of wear.   
Due to the nature of the leather these will colour up with age/ exposure and use, they may well show uneven colour even when new - nothing to be alarmed about!
Developed in collaboration with All Saints, Wing, Bell Ringers.  
Shown both new and after use.
Dimensions (approx, 5% variance due to material/manufacturing methods).
Height:  260mm (10.25")
Fixing strap width:  64mm (2.5")
External dimension of Overlay dome: 112mm  (4.35")
Internal dimension of Foundation dome: 100mm (4")
Distances between fixing holes 25mm (1")
Fixing holes 6mm (.25")
Leather single thickness 3.2mm - 4mm

  • Care

    Store in a breathable container (canvas, hessian bag/unsealed cardboard box) in a dry, cool place out of direct light.

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