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Leaf and Celtic knot handmade leather bookmarks, 4types

Leaf or celtic knot leather bookmark, optional personalisation

PriceFrom £9.00

Stylish bookmarks individually crafted from full grain vegetable tanned leather that has not been over processed and will have variations in hue and texture, embossed with a leaf or Celtic knot, decoratively edged, lightly stained to give an aged appearance and treated with an acid free finish.  Slim enough they will not strain the book spine, finish and shade will vary due to use of natural, sympathetically treated natural material that will soften and age with time.
Four designs:  
Autumn Leaf - cut out leaf at the top, plain or tinted green (210 - 224 mm x 45 – 48 mm)
Celtic – circular Celtic Knot on a domed top (210 – 220 mm x 40 mm)
Inset Leaf on a 'plain' rectangle.
No two are exactly the same, if you have a distinct preference (i.e. light or dark toned) please let me know, if you order more than one I will send a selection unless otherwise specified.  (All measurements will vary slightly due to use of natural materials) 
The Grey Celtic is coloured with an organic treatment that acts on the tannin within the leather and will therefore seldom be a flat colour, might be light or dark grey, might be mottled- what can I say? It's beyond my control!  Thats what makes them so nice.....
These are also available with personalisation - one  or two initials burnt on by hand near the base or more (larger) initials/name horizontally (along the length)

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