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Replacement cut-to-fit belt loops in brown or black leather, brown one shown made into belt loop, in a hand

Replacement leather belt loop kit


Handmade full leather 15mm (5/16") straps with bevelled edges and 12 fixing holes, kit includes 2 rivits and heavy weight thread for finishing.  Suitable for replacement or spare loops to fit 25mm (1") to 50mm (2") belts or straps.  
Link to these instructions included in packaging:
1. Center strip on double thickness of belt, strap.
2. Trim one side to lay across strap.
3. Lay over other side firmly, line up holes and trim, allowing at least one hole overlap.
4. Trim ends of strip. Cut corners off top, sides off end of underneath (if neat finish required).
5. Fit rivit through overlap, (check fit onto double strap) then insert metal handle or strip in loop and fix rivit with tap of hammer OR  sew closed with thread supplied, knotting it inside loop. Dot of thin glue on knotted thread will help keep it from undoing.  
Note:  The rivits are very fiddley and will be a tight fit through the holes, they can be enlarged with a small knitting needle or similar.
Measurements may vary slightly (up to 5%) due to use of natural materials and varying thicknesses.  Shades may vary from those pictured.

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