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Iconic little dragon figurine made entirely in vegetable tanned leather, bronze in hand

Dragon, Celtic wyvern, pet dragon, hanging fantasy sculpture, real leather, hand


Handmade in vegetable tanned leather coloured as brightly as a dragonfly to hover, fly or rest on a stand and brighten any space. I’m not going to be drawn on the type of dragon they are – all are very young, and have not grown any legs yet, certainly young dragons in the finest fantasy tradition. Size, shape, colour, expression and pose - most everything - will vary as these are individually made. All of them start off a similar length but once the pose is set they will vary, one with a fairly straight tail will be about 273mm tall, the ‘hook’ tailed ones 212mm ish, those with a full circle in the tail 210 – 216mm (i.e. between 10.75 and 8 ins). Most will be, 215mm/8.5in wide, 55mm/2.14in deep. Made from responsibly sourced vegetable tanned leather using a wide variety of techniques and methods gleaned from other craft sets to produce a realistically textured and formed little dragon to delight and charm. The eyes are handmade in glass, the stand metal with a heavy (padded) base, the top in soft wire to cradle the dragon gently (stand heights vary to suit, base 80mm/3.12in) Comes boxed with stand, clear thread for hanging and care advice.

Limited availability; you will get the one illustrated if it is still available.

Not suitable as a toy (although they are remarkably resilient).

* The number after each variety is my code to identify them.*

Colour and style
  • Care

    Dust with a soft brush to keep clean, can be wiped gently with a damp cloth. Do not subject to water, steam or extreme temperatures that would damage the leather and the dragon.

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