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Do you, a friend or family member have to use an inhaler?  There is no point leaving it at home, it has to be there, at hand, always.  At school, at work, on expeditions, shopping trips,  travelling or cinema trips.  Everywhere, but there is a problem with this type of inhaler. The lid can come off....  In a pocket etc, and if it does comes off all manner of unwanted particles, lint and nasties can get into the mouthpiece.  Not good.  This case holds the lid on and even when in use, holds on to the lid and keeps it to hand, ready to be replaced and keep the mouthpiece clean. 
Neat eh?  Designed, trialed and tested by a frustrated inhaler user and eventually, approved.  
Handmade in fine leather, durable and functional, these cases have a silver (coloured) split ring that will lay discreetly against the inhaler if fitted.  Press stud and rivitts in bronze or silver.   Each case is a tight fit on the lid at first - it has to be to hold it so do not be surprised if it seems 'snug'. 
Light colours can be personalised - at extra cost - with one large or two (smaller) initials (in Edwardian script) or a contact phone number (in plain numerals).  Please specify one or two initials or contact number in 'Notes' section of order form.
*NOTE*  Designed to fit the Ventolin make as illustrated (also larger salbutamol).  It is unlikely to fit other makes/styles.

For more customised options please message me direct.

Not ALL shades/options available at Craft Fairs - personalisation and packaging only available on-line

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