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Perfect gift, this tactile, full leather case will contain and protect all manner of things, from pens and pencils to small tools, fishing accessories, craft tools, sewing kit, make up – almost anything you want to keep securely.  Handcrafted in locally sourced leather, featuring 3 loop thronging to the circular ends and either a robust zip or a wrap over closure, this traditionally made case is attractive, durable, timeless and (almost) indestructible. btw - all of these now have black stitching to the zip, not white.
No frills design – the natural leather and thonging are all the decoration this elegant case needs, but with my embossed ivy leaf logo discreetly on one end.
I use my case for pens, pencils, needles, thread and especially, sharp tools, partly to keep them together, partly to keep them (and me) safe from harm.
Made from hand picked, locally sourced leathers, neither over processed or mass produced, many will carry minor imperfections/variations in texture/colouration as the natural properties of the hide have been maintained.  
Size:  External 205mm (8”) long, 80mm (3”) diameter, 160g.  Measurements will vary slightly due to use of natural materials

For more custom options please message me direct.

Not ALL shades/options available at Craft Fairs 

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