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Are you a harpist?  I am not and it hadn’t occurred to me harps usually need re-tuning every time they are moved so no tuning key?  No play.  Deceptively simple – but attractive and functional.  The fixing strap is a soft feel hook&loop that is almost infinitely adjustable and replaceable, more importantly, it will not scratch or harp the harp.  It won’t – well, shouldn’t – get in the way during transporting or use.  
Hand crafted in 1.6 - 2.4mm vegetable tanned leather, individually embossed with a Celtic Knot, dyed and sewn with robust, attractive, leather thonging – fittings: a heavy duty press stud to the front and the adjustable strap at the back.  Also a 'stick on' tab that can be placed inside the harp to anchor the case if it doesn't sit firmly on your harp. 
These cases will darken and assume more character with age and have slight variations in colour and texture which add to their timeless quality.
Size (Closed, without key):  Height 96mm, Width 14mm, depth 22mm.  These measurements will vary - up to 5% - due to use of natural materials.
*Please note*:  Key NOT included - and regretfully, seems I also need to add: HARP not included.  If you are interested in buying one checkout  

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