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Top internal width 95mm - 3.75", overall length 223mm- 8.75",  (+/- 5%).  
So useful, a holster to keep your secateurs - or other hand tools - with you, safely.  Keeps them from getting lost,  landing up in the compost heap or getting found by pets (or small people).  No belt required, holster clips onto your waist band, on to an outside pocket, top of your wellies, a fence or even the plant you are trimming.  Handy for hanging up when not in use too.  All hides used have enough 'give' to accommodate the majority of secateurs (we have tried 10 different types), also suitable for scissors, pliers, archeologist trowels, shears etc.  
Sprung clip integrally fixed to durable leather, both tactile and practical.  Base is open to avoid damp or fine detritus  building up.
btw, the dark brown textured is the softest and most mallable - just in case you wanted one that would mould to a particular tool?
Some of the leathers can be personalised with one or two initials burnt on in Edwardian Script ( at £5), some of them can't, it is down to the type of leather.....

Not ALL shades/options available at Craft Fairs - personalisation and packaging only available on-line.

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Secatuers holster brown view.JPG
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