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going through Etsy means you can order with confidence and I can concentrate on making stuff.                                        


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Belts?  Impossible to photo or list all of them - I use a variety of hides and even more types of buckle so often have over 500 belts in stock that are all different - ranging from small, supple childrens belts through adult sizes from Small up to 'Generous'.  Even a (limited) selection of 'plate buckle' belts that have a press stud fastening for plate buckles.  All they have in common are that they are 'full' leather, i.e. no laminates, glue or mock stitching etc.  Majority have upcycled, 'industrial waste' (not quite the right size), old stock, clearance lines ex samples etc. buckles and re made from hides similarly sourced. 

Not ALL styles/options available at all Craft Fairs.

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