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Please click on Etsy button to order on-line; they have the tools to accept orders (and payments) securely, pay
local taxes, provide shipping profiles and dedicated Customer Support.  I can't provide that level of service;

going through Etsy means you can order with confidence and I can concentrate on making stuff........                                        


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Belt bag view.jpg
Belt bag thick brown and blue nappa.JPG
Belt bag closed grey and textured soft tan.JPG

Since all of these are unique it wouldn't make any sense to list them on-line.  So I'll leave the pictures to do all the explaining and if you do come along to a craft fair?  I'll apologise in advance because inevitably - I won't have the colour/hide you wanted - but hopefully, there will be one you really like!

Belt bag, tan and navy, open view.JPG
Belt bag, selection 5 of.JPG
Belt bag corrogated tan, back view.JPG
Belt bag. thick brown back view.JPG
Belt bag open, interior detail.JPG