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This is the Keepsafe box you’ve always needed.  Perfect for presenting a small gift, storing jewellery, cuff links, small change, cards, desk accessories; all the important small stuff that big and small people want to keep safe.
Hand crafted in vegetable tanned leather, these boxes darken and assume more character with age, they will have slight variations in colour and texture which add to their timeless quality.  The removable lid is secured by a round leather thong that links it firmly to the base for travel.
Personalised with one or two initials and/or a date in DD/MM//YYYY format  (or plain) - owing to the nature/curing on this leather intricate/small lettering will be illegible, so please? Initials/date in the notes/comments section of order form please.  No long messages, no poems, no literary quotes etc.  I will just have to decline because it won't work......!

This leather is not mass produced, chemically treated or machined at any stage and may carry variations in hue/texture, made using techniques and materials so traditional and timeless that this box could be used for Saxon re-enactment - or War Hammer dice – and its so eco-friendly that you could eat it (although that is not recommended, it would be a waste of all that work and tastes awful).
Very proud of this box - it's demanding and difficult to make but so tactile and pleasing that it is hard to put one down, it makes me smile every time I use one of mine, or make another for someone else.  
Size: Height 92mm, diameter 82mm, internally 72mm high, 62mm diameter.  These measurements will vary slightly (up to 8%) due to use of natural materials

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