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Bracelets made of knotted leather that seem to appeal to almost everyone from your Mum and Dad to boys and men, girls, women and fashionistas.  Bother, now I have run out of words…  I can’t even tell you what the knot is, I thought it was a Weaver’s Knot but apparently it is a Sailor’s Knot or a Friendship Knot and/or the heraldic sigil of a certain country estate – who knew?  You may choose from any of those; all I am certain of is that it has taken me a long time to find a knot that really works as a bracelet.  
Relevant factoids are:  Two hand cut leather strips (approximately 5mm square in section) made into a flat knot, anchored with two thong bindings.  Cut to length and fitted to a flat, no nonsense clasp which, incidentally, is made of a zinc alloy, lead, nickel and cadmium free in case it is intended for a wrist prone to allergies.
Please email me if you have any queries arising or a better way of describing these, usually I can think of suitable adjectives but these speak for themselves better than I can.
The types and colours of leather will vary considerably, depending a) On what I have in stock and b) On how colourful and inventive I am feeling; but the binding will be black and the clasp an antique bronze effect.  Nearly completely always.  
Sizes:  Small – 178mm (7”), Medium – 198mm (8”) and Large – 228mm (9”).  These measurements will vary slightly (up to 5%) due to use of natural materials. (Custom sizes available to order)

Not ALL shades/options available all the time at Fairs or on-line 

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Knot bracelets August 17.jpg
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