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Practical, fashionable and eco friendly, leather hair slides with a wooden stick fastening.  Made from vegetable tanned leather with either embossed, tooled or burnt on designs, dyed individually by hand and accompanied by an equally handcraft stick of a toning colour.   Designs and colours vary, if you would like something specific or a little different please email.  
Size: Width 120mm, height 70mm, thickness 2.5 – 4mm.  These measurements will vary slightly (up to 5%) due to use of natural materials and cutting.
Note not all designs shown in all colours...   If the one you want is not listed, please contact and if I can make it - order 'custom as agreed' which is the last variety listed - btw?  There is a seperate listing for some tan celtic designs. 

Not ALL shades/options available at Craft Fairs - custom and packaging only available on-line

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