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Into Dragons and reading? This is what you need. Slim enough bookmark that it will not strain the book spine but remain tactile and attractive. These stylish, unique  bookmarks are individually handcrafted from vegetable tanned leather with a fine detailed dragon burnt on to the top, decoratively edged, lightly stained to give an aged appearance and finally treated with an acid free finish.  Bookmark colours will vary according to the whim of the leather, dragon can be self coloured or hand tinted in red or green 
Personalisation options - Up to two initials burnt near the bottom (above embossed logo) - if not selected, will be sent unembellished.  
200 - 215 mm x 38 – 42 mm.  
No two are exactly the same, if you have a distinct preference please let me know and I'll try.  For more customised options please email me direct.  (Yes - I know.  It is not, strictly, a dragon, it is a Wyvan, which is a type of Dragon...)

Not ALL shades/options available at Craft Fairs - personalisation and packaging only available on-line

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